D.O.B: 1984

Jarrad Torres Akamarre was born in circa 1984 in the Alice Springs. His language is Anmatyerre and his country is Atnangkere.  Jarrad is the very proud Grandson to Barbara Weir and great Grandson to Minnie Pwerle. 

His painting journey started as a long child, his upbringing consisted of painting by sitting and watching the prolific Emily Kame Kngwarreye paint, alongside his equally world recognised artist and grandmother Barbara Weir.

Jarrad primary dreaming is ‘Men’s ceremony’. Men’s Ceremonies are known as ‘Initiation ceremonies’ in which are performed to introduce and celebrate adolescent boys as adult members of the community. Special knowledge and skills are passed on through initiation ceremonies. These enable the new adult to function accordingly and in a new way within the language group.

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2020 Pwerle Gallery x Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute  ‘Atnwengerrp – Our Apmere, Our Place’ in celebration of Tandanya’s 30th year anniversary, Adelaide.


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