The Rug Collection x Pwerle Gallery featuring. Charmaine Pwerle
Aboriginal Dreamtime comes to your home with Charmaine Pwerle’s new rug collaboration.

Whether experienced as a traditional or contemporary medium, Aboriginal art has always revolved around a custom of uniting people. The latest collaboration between Charmaine Pwerle and The Rug Collection features a four-piece collection of hand-woven rugs celebrating the Pwerle Gallery artist’s work. The collection transports the narratives of Pwerle’s ancestral Dreamtime into the heart of the home, inspiring a universal spirit of connection through each design.

AWELYE ATNWENGERRP the creation of Atnwengerrp by Charmaine Pwerle is an Indigenous Rug Collection that pays homage to Dreamings, Country and Ancestors. The creations are very close to Charmaine’s heart, as each piece is named after her four daughters; Malangka, Kwerralya, Akarley and Anjurra. Each name has been chosen and passed down to them from their ancestors, all of which, have a deep connection and meaning to the country.

Read more about the collaboration in the Vogue Living article written by Alexia Petsinis in our Press page.

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