Anna Petyarre ‘02054’

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Campsite Gathering

Size: 90cm x 52cm

Year: 1998

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Anna Price Petyarre (Pitjara) was born in 1965. A very talented artist, Anna is the daughter of the late Glory Ngarla and niece to Kudditji Kngwarreye. Her country is Alhalkere and her language is Anmatyerre.

Anna paints Yam, Wildflowers, Emu, Wild Potato and Campsite Dreamings. Earlier in her career, Anna depicted these Dreamings using a bright, bold linear style or intricate dot work with very small blocks of colour.

An Anmatyerre speaker, Anna is also fluent in English. She began painting in 1988 when the medium of acrylic paint on canvas and was introduced to the community of Utopia for their inaugural painting exhibition, Utopia Womens’ Paintings: The First Works on Canvas, A Summer Project for the S.H. Ervin Gallery in Sydney. Before this Anna produced batik.

Under the careful guidance of Gloria Tamerre Petyarre, Anna began to paint her own work.

Artwork Information

This piece was painted in 1998 and is 90cm x 52cm in size.


Today, Anna essentially paints the Bush Yam. This is the Dreaming of her grandfather and father’s country. Anna also paints ancient Aboriginal utensils such as the WIRA and COOLAMON.

These utensils are used for carrying water, fruit, berries and even babies through the bush. Anna actively takes part in women’s ceremonies and is one of the Elders who paints the women’s bodies for the commencement of each ceremony.

Technically meticulous, she takes great pride in her work and endeavours to bring the sensibility of her culture to canvas.


All the artwork provided is done on with highest quality linen canvas, acrylic paints, oils and brushes ensuring the longevity of each piece of work.

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Dimensions 90 × 52 cm


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