David Bromley ‘PG3323’

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Title: Sail Boat

Size: 150cm x 125cm

Year: 2005

Signed by artist

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David Bromley is amongst the most successful and innovative painters currently working in Australia. In his art he has managed to combine a distinctive Pop sensibility – a love of found images, photographic sources and mass media references – with an inventive relish for the effects of paint. His work divides into two distinct but related strands: images of childhood (adapted from the world of 1950s’ book illustrations) and images of the female nude. Bromley is also increasingly in demand as a portraitist. He has been a finalist four times in the Archibald Prize and the painter of some famous visages, including filmmaker Scott Hicks, actor Hugo Weaving and pop-star Kylie Minogue. Displaying an extraordinary artistic energy he has experimented with a wide variety of different media – printmaking, ceramic, sculpture and, recently, film, furniture, fashion and interiors.

Artwork Information

This piece was painted in 2005 and is 150cm x 125cm in size.


David Bromley’s artworks include two major bodies of work – the Boys Own adventure project and the Female Nude series. He takes inspiration from childhood books, popular culture and artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Glen Baxter. Bromley’s nudes portray the female form in contemporary fashion. He makes use of layering and texturing techniques while employing mediums such as metallic paint and leaf combined with black outlines on bold colours.


All the artwork provided is done on with highest quality linen canvas, acrylic paints, oils and brushes ensuring the longevity of each piece of work.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 150 × 125 cm


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