Jade Akamarre ‘1204’

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Dreaming: Dreaming in my Grandmother’s Country

Size: 60cm x 90cm

Year: 2022

Collection: Shades of Ochre

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Jade Akamarre was born in 1993 in Adelaide and is the daughter of the internationally renowned and respected art dealer, Fred Torres. She is an emerging Aboriginal artist following the footsteps of her Grandmother Barbara Weir and Great Grandmother Minnie Pwerle.

In 2015 Jade was the founder of this wonderful family business Pwerle Gallery. She and her younger sister Mariah have inherited all the talent of their famed family predecessors. 

Having recently been featured in Elle Magazine and as one of Vogue’s Game Changers of 2018 alongside names such as Emma Watson and Margot Robbie, Jade was also named InDaily ’40 under 40′ finalist for 2021. 

Learn more about Jade here.

Artwork Information

This piece was painted in 2022 and is 60cm x 90cm in size.

This piece has bold red, fiery orange and yellow running through out.

Signed by the artist.

This piece is apart of the ‘Shades of Ochre’ collection and is currently framed.


It was only in April 2021 that Jade picked up the paint brush and started to produce this new style of artwork. Her dreaming is titled ‘Dreaming in my Grandmother’s Country’ which has been passed down to her by her Grandmother Barbara Weir. These paintings consist of loosely executed dots painted in linear patterns that resemble a carefully designed aerial view of her country ‘Atnwengerrp’. 

This type of painting is very subtle in its method and appearance and one needs to search for the various motifs that Jade has incorporated in each piece. They are all titled “Dreaming in my Grandmother’s Country”, but each have slight differences and the different palettes illustrate the land at different seasons of the year.

Learn more here.


All the artwork provided is done on with highest quality linen canvas, acrylic paints and brushes ensuring the longevity of each piece of work.

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Dimensions 60 × 90 cm


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