Charmaine Pwerle ‘PG30128’

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Dreaming: Womens Business – Old Time Way

Size: 207cm x 120cm

Year: 2023

Collection: Blooming

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Born into a lineage of remarkable talent, Charmaine Pwerle’s artistic journey has been enriched by the legacies of her grandmother, the celebrated late Minnie Pwerle, and her equally gifted mother, the late Barbara Weir. This powerful artistic lineage fuels Charmaine’s own creative expression, making her a notable figure among the promising younger generation of Indigenous artists. From an early age, she has been steeped in the cultural and artistic tapestry of her heritage.

With role models like her mother Barbara Weir, Grandmother Minnie Pwerle, and artists such as Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Gloria Petyarre, Charmaine’s artistic intuition was bound to flourish. This journey of artistic discovery has unfolded alongside a dual cultural education. Charmaine’s formative years were spent in the remote community of Utopia, located 270kms North-East of Alice Springs. Subsequently, she transitioned to the urban environment of Adelaide for educational enrichment.

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Artwork Information

This artwork was produced in 2023, acrylic on linen and is 207cm x 120cm in size.

Artwork is currently stretched.

On display to view at Burnside Village SA from 21st August – 3rd September.

Collection: Blooming

Embark on a captivating voyage into the realm of ‘Blooming,’ an enchanting pop-up installation at Burnside Village, SA that masterfully weaves the creative threads of Pwerle Gallery and Hygge Studio.

Drawing inspiration from Utopia’s desert wildflowers, ablaze with hues after the spring rains, this installation is a heartfelt tribute to the land’s vibrant blossoms.

With the advent of spring, the Indigenous bond with the land deepens, resonating with the evolving seasons. The wildflowers burst forth in a symphony of purples, oranges, and yellows adorning emerald stems, against the backdrop of the earth’s fiery red embrace.

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This painting holds a deeply cherished place to Charmaine’s heart because it preserves the final story that her Mother the late Barbara Weir shared with her and her daughters—a legacy she will continue to honour through her artwork. The story at its heart is one of childbirth, ‘the old time ways’, a glimpse into a time long before hospitals and doctors became commonplace out in the Bush. Passed down by her Mother, this narrative is a precious gift she bestowed upon Charmaine and her children.

It unfolds a world where childbirth was a women’s journey, a sacred space shared with young girls and ladies. They would gather together in the bush, to learn the art of childbirth, to prepare for the miracle of life. The story is told with the wisdom of two special trees whose bark and wood ignited fires, creating a gentle white-gray ash that cradled newborns in warmth.

In the aftermath of birth, this ash held a special role—a tender cleansing ritual that unfolded without the presence of men. This absence is mirrored in my painting, where men are depicted seated far from the women. A choose women would then emerge as a bridge, connecting the separated spheres of men and women, bearing news of a newborn’s arrival.

Yet, this narrative goes beyond birth; it’s a story of young girls absorbing the essence of womanhood within the embrace of women’s ceremonies. Charmaine’s canvas breathes life into scenes of water gathering, the crafting of tools, and fires that forged the special ash—a collective effort in preparation for new life.

In the interlude of anticipation, seasoned women, akin to present-day midwives, took charge of childbirth, a role that carries through generations. They shared their wisdom with the young, ensuring this sacred tradition persisted.

Charmaine’s painting pays homage to these women, the body paint adorning their breasts symbolising their role as educators and guides.

Through each brushstroke and colour choice, her connection to this ancestral story is vividly expressed. Love, heritage, and the legacy of storytelling converge in this artwork—a testament to the enduring strength of tradition and the bonds that tie generations together.

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All the artwork provided is done on with highest quality linen canvas, acrylic paints and brushes ensuring the longevity of each piece of work.

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