Blooming Capsule Collection

When four generations collide.
Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of BLOOMING.
Inspired by the iridescent hues and natural splendour of Utopia’s untamed wildflowers, Pwerle releases 40 new artworks from Atnwengerrp.

Pwerle Gallery together with Hygge Studio intertwine their creative minds to build an immersive installation, as an ode to the land and its vibrant floral treasures.

These new pieces were displayed at Burnside Village, SA from 21st August – 5th September.

BLOOMING showcases artwork from Emily Pwerle, the late Barbara Weir, Lizzie Pwerle, Dora Mbitjana, Freddy Purla, Charmaine Pwerle, Jade Akamarre (founding director of Pwerle Gallery), and her younger sister Mariah Akamarre.

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