Emily Pwerle ‘PG14018’

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Dreaming: Awelye Atnwengerrp

Size: 61cm x 91cm

Year: 2022

Collection: ‘Colours of the desert’

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Emily Pwerle’s country is Atnwengerrp and her language is Anmatyerre and Alyawarre. She is approximately 99 years old this year having been born possibly in 1922 (no records exist). She has had little exposure to western culture and only picked up a paintbrush for the first time in 2004.

Emily paints ‘Awelye Atnwengerrp’ with colourful energetic lines and symbols richly layered upon the canvas. These represent the designs that the women paint on their bodies during ‘Awelye’, the women’s ceremonies for Atnwengerrp.

Learn more about Emily here.

Artwork Information

This piece was painted in 2022 and is 61cm x 91cm in size.

This artwork is currently unstretched.

This artwork is apart of the ‘Colours of the desert’ virtual exhibition.


In Aboriginal culture, ceremonies are focal points in the life of the community. They are held for different purposes, but each is integral to the continuation of Aboriginal culture and vital to the happiness and well being of the people and the land. Particular dances and song cycles accompany each.  Women’s awelye ceremonies are acknowledgments of their responsibilities for the land and their relationship to it. Learn more here.


All the artwork provided is done on with highest quality linen canvas, acrylic paints, oils and brushes ensuring the longevity of each piece of work.

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Dimensions 56 × 80 cm


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