Jade Akamarre ‘PG1230’

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Dreaming: Atnwengerrp – My Great Grandmothers Country

Artwork featured in the Porsche Centre Adelaide x Jade Akamarre collaborative project

Size: 110cm x 140cm

Year: 2023

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Jade Akamarre, proud Alyawarre woman was born in 1993 in Adelaide and is the daughter
of the internationally renowned and respected art dealer, Fred Torres. She is an established fourth generation Aboriginal artist following the footsteps of her Grandmother the late Barbara Weir and Great Grandmother the late Minnie Pwerle.

In 2015 Jade was the founder of Pwerle Gallery which is an Aboriginal, family owned company. All of the artists represented are family members from the Atnwengerrp community, which is located in the Utopia region of the Northern Territory.

Having recently been featured in Elle Magazine and as one of Vogue’s Game Changers of 2018 alongside names such as Emma Watson and Margot Robbie, Jade was also named InDaily ’40 under 40′ finalist for 2021. 

Learn more about Jade here.

Artwork Information

This piece was painted in 2023 and is 110cm x 140cm in size.

Porsche Centre Adelaide x Jade Akamarre

For this momentous occasion, we embrace a world of colour and pay tribute to 75 years of Porsche by celebrating a pristine example of Exclusive Manufaktur in the form of a Neptune Blue Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo.

Inspired by the true spirit of Exclusive Manufaktur, Jade has created a stunning one-of-a- kind art piece that draws inspiration from the unique and bold Neptune Blue colour and sleek style lines of the Taycan. We’ve merged our two worlds by turning the electrifying Porsche into a canvas, wrapping the sophisticated Taycan in Jade’s enchanting and stunning artwork – exclusively created to capture the soul and essence of both brands.

Currently stretched and signed by the artist.


It was in April 2021 that Jade started to produce her own artwork.

Her dreaming titled ‘Dreaming in my Grandmother’s Country’ has been passed to her by her Grandmother the late Barbara Weir.

These paintings consist of loosely executed dots in linear patterns, that resemble an aerial view of her country ‘Atnwengerrp’. While at first glance her style could be described as abstract; like most Aboriginal paintings are, take time to search for the motifs!

The gradients and colour palettes illustrate the land at different seasons of the year, while the linear patterns represent the natural lines of the land surrounding her community. Artworks such as Jade’s ensure the continuation of an ancient and rich cultural heritage whilst acknowledging the bond retained by the artist to her country.

“When I close my eyes, I see Atnwengerrp from
an aerial view. Nourishing bush tucker, the song lines, sacred sites and deep red colours that evolve throughout the day. I project that into every dreaming I produce. Each piece has a deep connection to country and pays tribute to all family members who walked the land before us. It is an honor and privilege to take what I have learnt
from my elders onto canvas”. – Jade Akamarre

Learn more here.


All the artwork provided is done on with highest quality linen canvas, acrylic paints, oils and brushes ensuring the longevity of each piece of work.

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Dimensions 110 × 140 cm

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